Chris is a software engineer with a Masters of Science in Computer Science from The University of Akron. He is interested in the application of advanced algorithms and mathematics toward artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. He is hoping to someday work on a team which makes advances towards the singularity.

Chris became interested in computers at an early age, and his cursory interest progressed into a love for computer software development while he was in high school. While taking a basic computing class, his teacher suggested that he might have an aptitude for programing. Chris learned the basics of object-oriented programming, then he and his friends started a school club for programming competitions. When Barberton High School opened it's super computing lab, Chris was nominated as an ideal candidate for the associated class. That class introduced him to C programming and web development. The lab, provided in part by NASA, had an Unix server where the school's website was hosted and where Chris published his first web pages.

After high school Chris received an Associate of Science, a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Computer Science, and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Akron. His master's thesis was titled "Text Line Extraction Using Seam Carving".

When he is not working or volunteering, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and friends. They enjoy backpacking, biking, climbing, hiking, and soccer. When time allows, he also pursues his own hobbies of brewing, reading, and playing the violin.