iPhone Application Ideas

I don’t yet have an Apple computer to develop on, but when I get one I would like to write some applications for the iPhone. Maybe I could make some money off of them, but more importantly I could customize my own iPhone to do things that I want it to do in the manner in which I desire. Here are some of my ideas, I am sure many of them have already bee implemented in some form, but here is how I would like to see them work:

  • An application that allows you to script formulas. If you wanted to have a quick interest calculator you could enter the formula and define inputs, then the application would show you just the inputs and outputs (like the function capabilities in excel). I used to have a TI-85 calculator that allowed you to write little math programs, and that is what I am thinking of. This would allow people to quickly generate their own formulas and to keep them all in one application rather than downloading multiple applications for specific calculations.
  • An application to help you calculate your real hourly rate so that you can compare to jobs if you are looking to switch. The application should figure in all aspects of comparing jobs, such as: fringe benefits, the cost of health care, the total number paid off days, the length of the commute, the distance from home, your car’s fuel efficiency, the cost of gas, etc.
  • Any sort of “tracking” program. Want to track what you eat? Want to track when you excersize? Want to track how many curse words you say? This application framework could be adapted to track anything that people want to track.
  • A “mini ERP system” for consultants or contractors who might be out of the office a lot and only like to carry their iPhone
  • A tool to help contractors bid on jobs (maybe for construction or trades applications?)
  • Gambling applications, applications to do sports brackets.

Really, the biggest thing that I would like to see is some sort of application that allows me to write my own little applications or calculations directly on the iPhone. This might not be something that would be popular with the majority of the population, but I’m sure that there are plenty of engineers, programmers, and financial wizards out there that would also love an application like this.

I’ll write it, as soon as I get my MacBook…..

Published: 2008-08-04