Online Web Development References

When I first switched from MooTools to jQuery for my primary JavaScript framework I made the comment that I liked the MooTools documentation better. It seemed that provided faster navigation than However, I have since found, which provides very quick access to relevant API documentation. In light of this discovery I have revised my opinion and now prefer jQuery's documentation.

I wanted to share this new discovery ( and also mention some other great online web development resources that I use on a regular basis.

Mozilla Developer Center
The Mozilla developer center has a wealth of information for web developers. There are references on everything from AJAX to XUL. I frequently find myself searching the CSS reference and the JavaScript 1.5 Guide.

Color Scheme Designer
I have used this tool for a long time. I am more of a programmer than a graphic designer, so it is not that easy for me to pick out great color combinations, which is where this application comes in. You can save schemes that you design by saving a link to the specific scheme (here is a scheme I like). 
I have used the reference that they have for years because it quickly shows me the tags or properties that I am looking for. They also have many examples and tutorials.
Published: 2009-03-29