Using Classification with SmartForms

Sometimes it is nice to make a SmartForm more dynamic, especially since they can be a pain to maintain for complicated labels. In cases like this my colleagues in Germany have developed this method to apply SAP classification to SmartForms.

The first step is to create the desired characteristics. Follow these steps for each characteristic that is required.
  • CT04 "Characteristics Management"
  • Create a new characteristic (ZLE_MYLABEL_FIELD1)
  • Basic Data: Data Type (Character Format), No. of chars (1)
  • Descriptions: EN (My field), DE (Meine feld)
  • Values: Char Value (1, 2, 3, …) Description (This is my field) 
  • Restrictions: Class type ZLW
  • Save
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The next step is to create the class

  • CL02 "Class"
  • Create a new class (ZLE_MYLABEL), type (ZLW)
  • Basic data: (My class)
  • Char: (ZLE_MYLABLE_FIELD1), Origin (FIELD1)
  • Save

Finally assign the classification to the message condition for the SmartForm.

  • CL20N
  • Usage (B)
  • Application (V6)
  • Condition type (ZL54)
  • Class type (ZLW)
  • (ENTER)
  • Assignements: add ZLE_MYLABEL, (enter)
  • Values for class ZLE_MYLABEL, enter the conditions you wish to make
  • Save
In the SmartForm the following code is needed:
FORM read_classification USING    inast TYPE nast
                         CHANGING cs_options TYPE ty_options.
  DATA: lf_objek TYPE kssk-objek,
        lt_ksml  TYPE tt_ksml,
        ls_ksml  LIKE LINE OF lt_ksml,
        lt_ausp  TYPE tt_ausp,
        ls_ausp  LIKE LINE OF lt_ausp.

  CLEAR: lf_objek, cs_options.
  CONCATENATE 'B' inast-kappl inast-kschl
              INTO lf_objek.
  REFRESH: lt_ksml, lt_ausp.
            i_klart = 'ZLW'
            i_objek = lf_objek
            t_ksml  = lt_ksml
            t_ausp  = lt_ausp
            OTHERS  = 5.
  LOOP AT lt_ksml INTO ls_ksml.
    ASSIGN COMPONENT ls_ksml-herku
           OF STRUCTURE cs_options
           TO .
    CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
    LOOP AT lt_ausp INTO ls_ausp
              WHERE atinn EQ ls_ksml-imerk.
       = ls_ausp-atwrt.
Published: 2010-02-08