Some Notes about Honey

Found in a very old book while researching the history of mead:

The Honey of dry open Countries, where there is much Wild-thyme, Roſemary, and Flowers, is beſt. It is of three ſorts, Virgin-honey, Life-honey, and Stock-honey. The firſt is the best. The Life-honey next. The Virgin honey is of Bees, that ſwarmed the Spring before, and are taken up in Autumn; and is made beſt by chuſing the Whiteſt combs of the Hive, and then letting the Honey run out of them lying upon a Sieve without preſſing it, or breaking of the Combs. The Lide-honey is of the ſame Combs broken after the Virgin-honey is run from it; The Merchants of Honey do uſe to mingle all th ſorts together. The firſt of a Swarm is called Virgin-honey. That of the next year, after the Swarm was hatched, if Life-honey. And ever after, it is Honey of Old-ſtocks. Honey that is forced out of the Combs, will always taſte of Wax. Hampshire Honey is moſt eſteemed at London. About Biſleter there is excellent good. Some account Norfolk honey the beſt.

Published: 2016-11-20