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A customizable Apple Watch app for quickly recording game scores.

When the game you are watching or activity you are playing does not have a scoreboard or scorecard, Markascore's customizable interface will help you keep track of the score. And, complication support means that you can quickly answer when someone asks, "what's the score again?"

Need to keep track of football on Friday, academic challenge on Saturday and soccer on Sunday? There's no need to fill up your device with multiple apps; the companion iOS app allows you to select from a range of activities. The sport will automatically change the next time you open the watch app or when the score is reset. Markascore also allows you to create your own game types. New games can be added with up to 3 score types (4 on iOS). You set the point values and the name. So whether you call it point, basket, goal, try, or touchdown, this app will speak your language.

Oh, this app may also be helpful to referees and coaches too.