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Hide text in photos, like a boss

Redact text in screenshots or in other images that contain text. Just open a photo and paint over the text which needs hidden; the text will be blacked out, but the background will be preserved. Faces in images can also be pixelated to hide identities.

This is how you do it:

  1. Take a screenshot: press and hold the home button, then press the sleep/wake button
  2. Open Redactor
  3. Open the screenshot by tapping the camera icon and choosing the image form the library
  4. Paint over the areas to be hidden. (Tap the pencil to switch to pan/zoom mode)
  5. Tap the action button to save or share the redacted photo

Features currently in development:

  1. Option to blacken, pixelate, or blur text (v0.3)
  2. Option to change pixelation/blur size (v0.3)
  3. Option to blacken, pixelate, or blur faces (v0.4)