Christopher Stoll
Christopher Stoll, MSCS

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Someone who strives for harmonious outcomes; I use pragmatism to balance competing interests. This is a foundational aspect of my character. By day I help teams build great software through the use of modern best practices. By night I practice making photographs using traditional techniques. At work I implement abstract digital concepts. At home I create tangible analog artifacts. My job demands analytical thinking. My hobbies require a creative outlook. Maintaining equilibrium at the wholistic level enables me to approach specific challenges with the appropriate energy and focus.

When my focus turns to solving software problems, I bring both a depth of education and breadth of experience. For photographic tasks I posses neither formal education nor extensive experience. Working in the darkroom is often a humbling experience. I am constantly reminded of the need to put in work, persevere, and maintain a beginner's mind. This helps to keep my expectations calibrated correctly.

I formed this thoughtful, humanistic approach to life with the help of an unusual academic path. I reluctantly gained an appreciation for the humanities during an undergraduate program where I studied both Computer Science and History. Then, wanting the independence to define my own graduate experience, I used the thesis option at the University of Akron to achieve a Masters of Science in Computer Science. This unique opportunity encouraged the blending of arts and science.

I am also fortunate to have benefited from knowing and learning from countless people. I could never repay the debt I owe to so many people, but I try to pay it forward, especially here in Ohio's rust belt. I volunteer with the local Y, Scouts, and Rotary club. I actively look for ways to support the communities which have done so much for me.