Squared Pics

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Square your photos for Instagram without cropping, scaling, or adding a cheesy border.

You have a great picture which needs to be on Instagram, but it's rectangular, and you can't just crop it because you'd cut off some of the best parts. We've all been there. Do you ruin it by cropping off the sides or ruin it by adding a colored border? Finally, you have a better option: Squared Pics.

Squared Pics relies upon advanced algorithms normally used in artificial intelligence, robotics, and commercial computer vision systems to analyze your images and find parts which would likely not be missed. It then carefully cuts out those pieces leaving you with a square photo containing just the most interesting portions.

The freeze and melt tools come in handy when the algorithm can't quite remove the areas you want removed. To save special parts of a photo select the freeze tool and paint those areas. Or, to remove some troublesome spots (you know, like your ex), select the melt tool and paint over areas which should be removed.

Squared Pics also works as a photo editing extension, so it can be launched from within the standard iOS Photos app.

Here are some tips to get the best results: