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I'm a pragmatist in search of ideal outcomes. My paradoxical outlook is resolved through my core beliefs. Experience has taught me that ideal outcomes rarely emerge from simple, straightforward, or obvious choices; the path to success is never certain, and certainly never guaranteed. So, the surest way to get somewhere is to start walking in what appears to be the correct direction. Further, ideals are fleeting; the road to triumph holds experiences that change expectations. It is my view that the path to optimal outcomes is discovered by establishing a loosely held vision, iterating through cycles of action and reflection, and remembering that some backtracking may be required. Taking this approach makes knowing the precise timing or nature of the outcome nearly impossible, but fortunately the journey is where all the interesting things happen.

I apply my beliefs to both my professional and personal activities. My beliefs not only align with modern software development practices but are also crucial in my work with fledgling companies and deeply relevant to my hobbies. Practicing film photography, especially working in the darkroom, is a humbling experience. It forces me to keep a beginner's mind. Every failure is a point of reflection, and an opportunity to adjust while still moving forward towards my vision.

I am grateful for the many influences that have helped me become who I am. My affinity for both the arts and science likely stems from my mother being an artist and my father an engineer. My thoughtful, humanistic approach to life was strengthened by an unusual academic path. I gained a deeper appreciation for the humanities during an undergraduate program where I studied both Computer Science and History. Then, wanting the independence to define my own graduate experience, I used the thesis option at the University of Akron to achieve a Masters of Science in Computer Science.

I am fortunate to have learned from countless individuals who have enriched my life. Although I can never fully repay the debt I owe to so many, I strive to pay it forward, particularly here in Ohio's Rust Belt. I volunteer with the local Y, Scouts, and Rotary club. I actively look for ways to support the communities which have done so much for me.