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I'm a pragmatist in search of ideal outcomes, and I don't think this is a paradoxical way of being. Life has taught me that the best outcomes are usually the result of setting an idealistic vision and then walking with an open mind in the direction that seems to lead toward the goal. Taking this approach has allowed me to see simpler paths that weren't visible from my starting point, and it has enabled me to find better results than I had originally imagined possible. Predictably, this approach has also led to dead ends from which I had to backtrack, but that problem plagues even the most well-thought-out plans. Besides, the journey, not the destination, is where the most interesting things often happen.

I do my best to take this approach in life, for work as well as for the things I don't get paid to do. The process of iterating through cycles of action and reflection is considered a best practice for modern software development. I think it is how you get better at anything you want to succeed at. I certainly find it true when practicing photography and printing in the darkroom; I have no formal training or deep experience to lean on for these things, so it is often a humbling experience. But I enjoy the process; it reminds me to maintain a beginner's mind and to embrace the experience without anxiety.

I am grateful for all the experiences that have helped me come to this way of being. The split in my personality that pulls me toward both the arts and the sciences is probably a result of my mother being an artist and my father an engineer. The thoughtful, humanistic approach I attempt to take was reinforced through my education; I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in History before achieving a Master of Science in Computer Science. Finally, profound experiences in faraway places enabled me to see the value of this approach to life.

I am also fortunate to have learned from countless individuals who have enriched my life. Although I can never fully repay the debt I owe to so many, I strive to pay it forward, particularly here in Ohio's Rust Belt. I volunteer with the local Y, Scouts, and Rotary club. I actively look for ways to support the communities that have done so much for me.