Calories in Christmas Ale

If my calculations are correct, then The Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale has approximately 242 calories per 12 fluid ounces.

After looking through what search results have brought people to my site, I noticed that quite a few people have landed here in search of the number of calories in the Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale. This is because for my Imitation Christmas Ale Recipe I show the number of calories in it. So, because I am curious, and to help these people out, I will perform an experiment. I will measure the final gravity of Christmas Ale (which of course requires that I drink one) and use the rest of the information I know about the beer to calculate the calories.

Alcohol(by weight) = 76.08(OG-FG) / (1.775-OG)
6 = 76.08(x-1.014) / (1.775-x)
6 X 1.775 - 6x = 76.08x - 76.08 X 1.014
10.65 + (76.08 X 1.014) = 76.08x + 6x
87.8 = 82.08x
x = 1.070

Now, we can calculate the calories:

C = 851(1.070-1)(1.070+3)
C = 242.45

If anyone sees an error in my calculations then please let me know.
Published: 2008-12-06
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