SAP ABAP Training

This series of articles has been sitting as draft for a while, I guess I've been too busy to proofread it all. But, since I am on to another SAP training class, I thought that I should get these published.

I was in SAP training course BC400 this week to learn SAP ABAP. It was taught by Peter Walters, who seemed to have a thorough understanding of the subject mater. The course was a good introduction to the ABAP language and all of the various tools, or SAP transactions, that are required to write ABAP. In all I took about twenty pages of notes and I wanted to post the highlights here so that I will be able to refresh my memory once I actually need some of this knowledge. I am not an ABAP expert, so the information here could have some inaccuracies. If you need precise information I suggest visiting or
Published: 2009-01-17