Creating SAP Label Reprints

One of my duties at work is managing shipping printouts, such as labels and delivery notes. And, a common task that I have had lately is printing out test labels or performing reprints, so I decided to write a post about the procedure I have been using in SAP to accomplish this.

First, I use the transaction SE16 (SAP data browser) to view the table NAST. I believe that the table NAST simply contains the output from messages. On the selection screen I enter the Application (KAPPL), which for me is normally either V2 (shipping) or V6 (handling units). Next, I select the Message Type (KSCHL), which is normally something like ZLnn. Then I am shown data that fits that criteria. The third column (OBJKY) on the entries screen shows delivery numbers (for V2 types) that have messages meeting my criteria. So, I copy one of the latest delivery numbers for the desired message type.

Next, I go to transaction VL71 (for V2 messages - it would be VL74 for V6 messages), which is to display output from deliveries. I use the default sort order of 01, enter 2 (repeat processing) for the processing mode, and then paste the delivery number from the previous step into the delivery box. F8 executes the transaction and gives me a list of message type. I check the message that I want to reprint and hit SHIFT-F5 (Edit - Print Default) to select the printer. Hit SHIFT-F2 or click the execute button, and the prints will be sent. I could also use the print preview button to save paper, but bar codes do not render properly in the preview.

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Christopher Stoll
By the way, you can also reprint messages from application ME (Inventory management) using transaction MB90 (Output from Goods Movement).
Published: 2009-03-02