Camera Conditions

I have a copy of McKeown’s Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras, and that is the book I look to for information about old cameras. So, I use the rating system which they have described. As they note, there are other rating systems which use overlapping numbers, so make sure you are considering the correct rating system if you are looking at a camera with a rating.

Cosmetic Condition

  1. New merchandise, never sold. In original box with warranties.
  2. As new. Never used. Same as new but no manufacturer's warranty. With box or original packaging.
  3. No signs of wear. If it had a box you wouldn't be able to tell it from new.
  4. Very minimal signs of wear.
  5. Signs of light use, but not misuse. No other cosmetic damage.
  6. Complete, but showing signs of normal use or age.
  7. Complete, but showing signs of heavy use. Well used.
  8. Restorable. Some refinishing necessary. Minor parts may be broken or missing.
  9. Restorable. Refinishing required. May be missing some parts.
  10. For parts only, or major restoration if a rare camera.

Functional Condition

  1. As new. Everything functioning perfectly, with factory and/or dealer warranty.
  2. As new. Everything functioning perfectly, but not warranted by factory.
  3. Everything functioning. Recently professionally cleaned, lubricated, overhauled and fully guaranteed.
  4. Everything functioning. Recently professionally cleaned or overhauled, but no longer under warranty.
  5. Everything functioning. Major functions have recently been professionally tested.
  6. Not recently cleaned, lubed, or overhauled. Fully functioning, but accuracy of shutter or meter not guaranteed.
  7. Fully functioning. Shutter speeds and/or meter probably not accurate. Needs adjusting or cleaning only.
  8. Usable but not fully. Shutter may stick on slow speeds. Meter may not work.
  9. n/a
  10. Not usable without repair or cleaning. Shutter, meter, film advance may be stuck, jammed, or broken.
  11. Probably not repairable.