About Christopher Stoll

Chris has a Masters of Science in Computer Science from The University of Akron; his thesis explored novel applications of well understood computer vision algorithms ("Text Line Extraction Using Seam Carving"). In addition to mathematically proving his thesis, he also implemented it as a mobile application which could run in near real time. Chris blends deep computer science knowledge with over twelve years of software engineering experience. He architects quality software solutions which are technically sound and economically efficient.

Chris started his software engineering career as an SAP ABAP developer for a large international automotive supplier. From there he moved into web application development, bringing with him lessons learned from following lean manufacturing practices. Chris moved from creating monolithic applications written in Python, PHP, and Ruby to building modern Javascript applications based upon React, Node, and Express. He also has experience with functional programming languages such as Elixir and Elm.

Chris also volunteers in his community. He is working with the local Boy Scouts of America council to prototype a mobile application which can interact with Bluetooth LE beacons; the idea is to provide augmented reality content in remote areas. Chris is also the president of the local Rotary Club.

When he is not working or volunteering, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and friends. They enjoy backpacking, biking, climbing, hiking, and soccer. When time allows, he also pursues his own hobbies of brewing, reading, and playing the violin.