Software Development Guidelines 02b

At my company I have seen a lot of bad software development practices over the years, so I have created a set of software development guidelines to help establish a set of best practices and baseline software requirements. I am publishing a series of experts from those guidelines here so that I might get some useful feedback that will help improve them.

Administrative Specification

Application Owner

Every application, including internally developed applications, being used in the Company should have an application owner. This needs to be established prior to development. This designation should include a title or position as well as a proper name. In the event that the original application owner leaves the company, it should be clear who will inherit the role of application owner.

Support requirements

It needs to be clear who is going to support different aspects of the application, how they will be able to support the application, and the expected service level agreement. If no service level agreement is specified then application issues will be aggregated and handled on a first-in, first-out basis.

Published: 2008-05-12