Software Development Guidelines 02e

At my company I have seen a lot of bad software development practices over the years, so I have created a set of software development guidelines to help establish a set of best practices and baseline software requirements. I am publishing a series of experts from those guidelines here so that I might get some useful feedback that will help improve them.

Software Repository

Before development begins a source code repository needs to be created in an established source code repository area. Source code repositories must reside on a mass storage devices, such as a NAS or SAN, that is regularly backed up and maintained by the server group. Source code repositories must reside on equipment maintained outside of the development group.

The source code versions for production released software must be clearly identified in the software repository.

Source code needs to be checked in on a regular basis, but the code in the repository should never be left in an ambiguous state. There should be a clear method for another developer to approach the repository and know how to get at the latest stable version of the source code.

The standard location for software repositories is in the given facilities standard IT departmental data storage location.

Published: 2008-05-12